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Tales of the Traveling Swordsman

HUGO (Multi-platform) -- 2006

[Screenshot #1] [Screenshot #2] [Screenshot #3] [Screenshot #4]
With Hugo Engine With Hugo Engine With Hugo for DOS With Gargoyle GLK

     My third Hugo-designed adventure (following Trading Punches and Distress) is Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, an entry in the 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition. It's a journey / romp / adventure told in three chapters. TTS placed 4th (of 43 eligible entries) -- the same as Distress from last year, but with a very tiny nudge to the average score.

     The competition version (1.3) is currently the latest version. My reviews of a little more than half the other competition entires are here. Although it's a little disappointing to just miss the Top Three by one place again, I'm pleased that TTS was enjoyed by so many, and among great competition. The XYZZY awards for 2006 honored TTS with a win for Best Story, and nominations in three of the other nine Categories (Best Puzzles, Best Individual PC, and Best Game).

     To play Tales of the Traveling Swordsman (or any other Hugo game), you must also download and install a free interpreter program for your platform of choice. Hugo is available for DOS, Windows, MacIntosh, Amiga, Linux, PocketPC, and several others. A full walkthrough, in PDF format, is available here. Hugo programmers, or others interested in the design and journal notes included, can download the complete source code here.

     Download Tales of the Traveling Swordsman version 1.3  HERE.