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Sidney Merk's Interactive Fiction Home Page

--=== Monday, July 21st, 2014 ===--

     I recently started a podcast with my daughter, where we discuss all manner of videogames. Our focus is on console games (Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox), but we sometimes talk about interactive fiction, BBS games, old shareware, mobile games, and more. It's new, and we need to build up our subscriber base. We hope to keep it going, every week, for many years to come.

     You can find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, among other places. Some browsers let you subscribe directly to a podcast by using our feed.

     Or just head over to Videogame Generations for the latest episodes and show notes.

--=== Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 ===--

     Long time no see!

     I haven't had much reason to update sidneymerk.com since I haven't worked on anything new in seven years. In fact, I've been kind of out of the loop for the past five years. To stay up to date on the latest happenings in interactive fiction, try the IF Community Forum and the IF Database.

     But... new game! Hallowmoor is now available, and can be played online here. It's a halloween-themed adventure playable in most modern web browsers. Check it out -- even if it's not Halloween. It should be fun any time of year.

--=== Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 ===--

     The IFComp ended a few days ago, and the results are in:

        1st  - Violet
        2nd - Nightfall
        3rd  - Everybody Dies

     I have posted my reviews of thirty of the thirty-five entries (I ran out of time to complete the remaining five), and discussion is welcome (even encouraged) at the intfiction.org forum.

     Although this is said somewhere by somebody every year, I thought the 2008 batch was kind of down from prior years (especially 2006, which saw quite a few really great games). Part of this may be due to my new scoring system, which seemed to result in lower ratings across the board (due in part to the fact that one strong feature can't compensate for a couple weak ones with this system).

     On a different topic, I have been thinking about goals for 2009. I'm on board to help judge three of six related mini-competitions next year, and I'm thinking on an entry for one of the others (at this point, it's the AbilityComp, but the GamePlayComp would be fun as well). I also have a good idea for an IFComp entry, and well, I still need to work on Empyrean before The Convergence Saga gets chalked up as a pipe dream.

     It's time. And motivation. And a three-year-old. It's twin seven-month-olds (a boy and a girl). And a demanding job, undergoing a corporate merger right now. It's life. It's everything.

     But we'll see.

--=== Sunday, October 5th, 2008 ===--

     The 2008 IFComp is on! Plenty of time remains to download, play, and vote! This year, it's a crop of 35 games (up from last year, but just about typical for the past several).

     I had hoped to enter again this year. I had really hoped to enter. It just wasn't meant to be, despite an initial "great idea" that had me really motivated early in the summer. Maybe next year? In addition to the second episode of the Convergence Saga (secret revealed: It's called Empyrean -- use that as a game title before mine's done and I'll hunt you down) I have a few other great ideas (including the previously-mentioned game I started designing this summer).

     But, with relaxed discussion rules for judges (sorry, authors -- still no public discussion for you as per the rules), you'll find great chatter over at the Interactive Fiction Community Forum in the IFComp 2008 area. Reviews, discussions, links to reviews and other discussions... you'll find it there. Enjoy!

--=== Friday, November 16th, 2007 ===--

     The IFComp is over for this year, and the results are in:

        1st  - Lost Pig
        2nd - An Act of Murder
        3rd  - Lord Bellwater's Secret

     Another of my favorites, Across The Stars, ranked 4th. There were only 27 eligible entries this year (reduced by two disqualifications from the starting 29). I have posted my reviews of these games, and discussion is welcome (even encouraged) at the intfiction.org forum.

--=== News Archive ===--

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