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Reviews of the 2006 Spring Thing Competition

     These reviews were originally published in issue #44 of SPAG, and to the rec.games.int-fiction newsgroup in five parts: 1 2 3 4 5. It's a shame the entries in this year's Spring Thing didn't get more buzz after the competition ended. The competition saw only fourteen voters, three sets of reviews, and only one day of discussion. These are four good games. My intro is here. The reviews are below.

 #  In Order Played    #  In Order By Rank Score
1 The Potter and the Mould   1 Warlord, Princess, Bulldog 9
2 Pantomime   2 The Potter and the Mould 8
3 Warlord, Princess, Bulldog   3 Pantomime 7
4 The Baron   4 The Baron 6

     Above, the games are listed twice. First, they are shown in the random order played. Next, they are in order by rank, with my Spring Thing vote appearing in the last column. To see all reviews on a single page, visit my Spring Thing 2006 Review journal. Otherwise, access each review individually using the links above.

     Here are more Spring Thing 2006 Reviews: Mara Meijers | Dan Shiovitz