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Miscellaneous Reviews

     This is a collection of reviews that don't fit any of the other categories. Generally, these are games that weren't part of a competition, or competition games that were reviewed individually. Some were part of Greg Boettcher's 2004 Non-Comp Review Project, while others were originally published in SPAG or simply posted here for the first time.

     Each review is available by its title link. Each author's link will take you to the Interactive Fiction Wiki for additional information. The oldest reviews weren't given scores, but I intend to add rating criteria for future reviews. They are listed in order by Date Reviewed, so it's likely that reviews for older games could appear before my reviews of newer games.

 Reviewed  Game Title Game Author Score
2004-12-29 The Isle of the Cult Rune Berg N/A
2004-12-26 Return to Ditch Day Michael J. Roberts N/A
2004-12-24 The Enterprise Incidents Brendan Desilets N/A
2004-12-20 The Golden French Fry Paul A. Panks N/A