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Reviews of the IF COMP 2008 Games

     You can see my scoring system (majorly revised since last year), read my introduction, view all reviews on a single long page in my complete review journal, or just scroll down to select individual reviews. The official competition results are here. As always, the games were varied in quality, from really great to really bad.

 #  In Order Played    #  In Order By Score Score
1 Afflicted   1 Violet 10 -
2 Riverside   2 Nightfall 9  
3 Snack Time!   3 Everybody Dies 9 -
4 Project Delta   4 Afflicted 8 -
5 Ananachronist   5 Magic 7  
6 Opening Night   6 Berrost's Challenge 7 -
7 Trein   7 Opening Night 7 -
8 Everybody Dies   8 Piracy 2.0 7 -
9 LAIR of the CyberCow   9 Cry Wolf 7 -
10 Nerd Quest   10 April in Paris 7 -
11 Search for the Ultimate Weapon   11 Escape from the Underworld 6  
12 Cry Wolf   12 Snack Time! 6  
13 The Absolute Worst IF Game   13 Buried In Shoes 6  
14 Freedom   14 When Machines Attack 6 -
15 A Date With Death   15 School of Forbidden Wisdom 6 -
16 Violet   16 A Date With Death 6 -
17 April In Paris   17 A Martian Odyssey 5  
18 Red Moon   18 Ananachronist 5  
19 When Machines Attack   19 Red Moon 5 -
20 Piracy 2.0   20 LAIR of the CyberCow 4  
21 Recess At Last   21 Search for the Ultimate Weapon 4  
22 School of Forbidden Wisdom   22 Project Delta 4 -
23 Buried In Shoes   23 The Hall of the Fount of Artois 3  
24 Berrost's Challenge   24 Recess At Last 3  
25 Magic   25 Freedom 3  
26 The Hall of the Fount of Artois   26 Riverside 3  
27 The Lighthouse   27 Trein 3 -
28 Escape from the Underworld   28 Nerd Quest 3  
29 A Martian Odyssey   29 The Lighthouse 2 -
30 Nightfall   30 The Absolute Worst IF Game 1  
31 Grief  
32 Dracula's Underground Crypt  
33 Channel Surfing  
34 The Lucubrator  
35 The Missing Piece  

     Above, the games are listed twice. First, they are shown in the order I played. Next, they are in order by score, with a small green dash beside any score that was raised due to a bonus point. When sorting games with the same score, I gave priority to games that didn't need the bonus point to achieve the score, and simply picked the one that was more fun or more appealing for the remainder of the cases.

     I managed to play almost every game this year, although I missed the last five from my randomly-ordered list. Also, I once again revised my scoring criteria this year, and in a much bigger way than before. I'm not entirely happy with how this turned out. It not only dragged my scores down more than usual, but it also didn't allow for much subtlety, or for a game's really strong feature to make up for its really weak ones.

     I don't have much post-review commentary this year, so I haven't included an additional wrap-up page -- just this. Next year, whether I enter or not, I'm giving serious thought to not only skippings reviews entirely (it takes soooo much time), but I may also take to skipping games that are obviously broken or buggy after less time spent playing.