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IFCOMP 2008 Reviews - Introduction

Introduction to Mike Snyder’s IF-COMP 2008 Review Journal (09/30/2008)

     The annual Interactive Fiction Competition is almost upon us. I had hoped to enter this year, but once again, “stuff” prevented it. Last year, it was a crazy work schedule. This year it was a semi-crazy work schedule plus newborn twins -- and to be completely honest, maybe a tinge of laziness too.

     I am revising my scoring system in a major way this year. In prior years, my system was an attempt to describe what kind of game would be a “10” or a “9” or an “8”... all the way down to “1”. I probably could have omitted the descriptions and just used intuition to rank each entry, to the same effect. I’m going for a more structured and less ambiguous ranking system this year, where each game is scored points in multiple categories. It’s still a little verbose, but with luck, it will make voting easier.

     I hope my reviews benefit the authors, while making for a good read in general. As in prior years, I’ll try to write each one directly after playing (whenever possible), and in the order played. They’ll form a sort of “judge’s journal” as a result. I’ll also run transcripts for games that support it. These will be available to each author for his or her own game, upon request.

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