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Twine (Browser-based) -- 2013

[Screenshot #1] [Screenshot #2] [Screenshot #3] [Screenshot #4]
Title Screenshot Inventory System Automatic Map Gameplay Screenshot

     The inspiration for Hallowmoor came from the 2013 EctoComp, a speed-IF challenge to create a "spooky" halloween-themed game of some kind in just three hours. My idea quickly grew too large for the competition requirements, so I completed the game and released it just for fun. I don't know how spooky it is, but I'm happy with the end result.

     The game was created with Twine, which is primarily used for choose-your-own-adventure style games (CYOA). It's a very simple system to use, and it outputs HTML that works in most modern web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, etc). However, I wanted to achieve something more than just CYOA. Hallowmoor is more of a point-and-click text adventure. You won't win simply by randomly clicking links to move forward, as is the case in CYOA.

     Since it's HTML, Hallowmoor doesn't need any additional interpreter or download. Just launch it in your web browser and enjoy!

     Play Hallowmoor online (no download required)  HERE.