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About Sidney Merk

     Sidney Merk is an anagram of Mike Snyder. I chose it originally for anonymity in the 2004 Interactive Fiction Competition. I may use the pseudonym at times, or my real name. You may see me listed either way. I am Merk on the IF Mud, although I'm not on much.


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About Mike Snyder

     I'm a senior programmer for Accu-Scan, a company specializing in the development of point-of-sale and back-office management software for K-12 school food service. Married in May 2002, with a baby girl (our first) born August 30th, 2005. Video gamer, avid reader, wannabe writer, amateur game developer. Co-owner of Prowler Productions.

     eMail Addresses (unmunge asterisks, spaces, {at} to use):

     sid*ney*merk {at} hot*mail .com (for Interactive Fiction)
     wyn*do {at} prow*ler-pro .com (for everything else)