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IFCOMP 2008 - The Lighthouse

Game #27: The Lighthouse
Authors: Eric Hickman & Nathan Chung
Played On: November 11th (5 minutes)
Platform: Inform 7 (Zcode)

F:1 + T:0 + P:0 + S:0 + W:0 + B:1 = SCORE: 2

     Gameís Blurb:
     The Lighthouse is a small game in where your main foucus is to turn on the light in the Havenworth lighthouse. This game is very short and also is my very first game!

     I feel so bad for the gameís authors that Iíve added the bonus point to the free point, just so I wouldnít have to put The Lighthouse on the same level as The Absolute Worst IF Game in History. This isnít really even a game. Itís a collection of grammatical errors, locks and obvious keys, a button, and a profound lack of experience with both Inform and Interactive Fiction in general. It doesnít feel like a joke entry, which makes it all the more disappointing.

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