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IFCOMP 2005 - FutureGame

Game #15: FutureGame, by The FutureGame Corporation
Played On: 10/24/2005 (2:00 PM to 2:05 PM)
Unofficial Score: 1.5 (2.0 base with -0.5 skew)

     What’s here is well-written.

     Not much is here.

     You can win, or you can not win. You can read about how great FutureGame is.

     Thankfully, I didn’t get to this one yesterday, when I was making deals with my wife to play just one more competition game. I’d have filed a complaint with my local Better Business Bureau against the FutureGame Corporation, if I had wasted it on five minutes of nothing. Every competition seems to have a joke game or two. This one lacks humor.

     I might have finished in three minutes, but I thought maybe I was missing a trick, or a deeper experience. The game file is only 11k. I think I got it all. At least what’s here works, more or less. Trying to “x” things assumes (for some reason) an intended restart. Since it’s a step above “unplayable” I have based it at 2.0 on my scale. A negative half-point skew is awarded because it could have been funnier, lasted a little longer, or delayed the punch-line after a few more options.

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