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IFCOMP 2005 - PTBAD6andoneeighth

Game #28: PTBAD6andoneeighth, by Slan Xorax
Played On: 11/01/2005 (3:15 PM to 3:40 PM)
Unofficial Score: 0.5 (1.5 base with -1.0 skew)

     Slan, Slan, Slan. What was the goal this year? Dead last?

     As far as I can tell, the walkthrough explains the only winning route through the game. However, if you’re willing to put abbreviations temporarily aside, you can find three more rooms (and when it says “west is a poem” it means that literally). This exploration seems to make the game unwinnable, but it does offer a bit more content.

     PTBAD6andsomesubtitles features... er... not much. It has an other. Excuse me. It has “a other”. And a multitudes. It has a mouse named Blooble, who responds to nothing, and a pair of goggles, which can be worn to no effect. Unrecognized commands advise you to “reexplainicate your self.” I would have based it as at 1.0 on my scale, but I did laugh (in a head-shaking, pitiful kind of way) at the depths to which Xorax will sink to amuse himself. So, I stepped it up to a 1.5, but a negative full-point skew makes this the least compelling game of the competition with a 0.5 score. Keep it up, Slan. Next year, you might owe me points.

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