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IFCOMP 2006 - The Traveling Swordsman

Game #23: The Traveling Swordsman (by Mike Snyder -- Me!)
Played: N/A
Platform: Hugo
Unofficial Score: N/A

     Game’s Blurb:
     You are the traveling swordsman; the strong and silent stranger; the wandering vanquisher of villainy. Damsels swoon for you. Good men respect and envy you. Scoundrels learn to fear you. Even so, you are but a rumor throughout the land.

     XYZZY Response:
     You can't hear the hollow voice.
     (note - it changes in the epilogue)

     I wanted to write a few short notes about TTS before the results were announced, but I didn't quite make it. I'll probably put something here later... soon... something. I kept a development journal through its entire creation, and I might pick some good bits from that to post here.

     Anyway, I wrote this one. I won't review it, but I may discuss what I think other reviewers got right, and what they got wrong. Maybe "wrong" is too strong a word. TTS is the result of more than two months of hard work -- I mean hours and hours daily (when possible) and nightly. Of course I'd feel the urge to defend it. :)

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