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Hugo Interpreter Download Links

     I can't take credit for compiling this list of links to free Hugo interpreter downloads. Credit goes to Greg at the Spring Thing competition website. His original page, which includes lists for other Interactive Fiction interpreters (not just Hugo) can be seen here. Just pick your platform, download and install it, and you'll be able to play The Traveling Swordsman (and any other Hugo games).

         > Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP (other options)
         > MS-DOS/Windows 3.x 16-bit or 32-bit (other options)
         > MacOS X
         > MacOS 7 to 9 (other options)
         > Linux or Unix (other options)
         > OS/2
         > Amiga
         > Palm Pilot
         > EPOC/Psion
         > PocketPC
         > Windows CE
         > Acorn RISC OS

     Please report any broken links, updated versions, or new Hugo ports to other platforms you may come across. I'll keep the list updated as often as possible with your feedback. Note: If you have difficulty downloading from the links above, try the official General Coffee Hugo downloads page.