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IFCOMP 2007 Reviews - Introduction

Introduction to Mike Snyder’s IF-COMP 2007 Review Journal (10/01/2007)

     I’m not an entrant, so these will be my real votes. Unless I play past two hours and have to fix a particular score then, I may adjust the final scores at the end (in case I need to skew up or down in relation to later scores). If I do, I probably won’t dwell on it by making a distinction between the original “intended” score and the final score. I’ll just post what final score I gave.

     A plus or a minus by the score will indicate a bias (see my scoring definitions).

     Only 29 entries? I wondered if it was going to be down based on what I felt was a general lack of excitement in the community this year. Whatever the cause, there are fewer games for 2007 than I’ve seen in quite a while. Undoubtedly I’ll find a few gems among them. As always, I hope to have fun with the games, whatever the quality.

     I hope my reviews benefit the authors, while making for a good read in general. As in prior years, I’ll try to write each one directly after playing when possible, and in the order played. They’ll form a sort of “judge’s journal” as a result. I’ll also run transcripts (where possible). These will be available to each author for his or her own game, upon request.

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